Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Beloved father of Sooty Soo Rupert and Yogi

Well that was really helpful - I put up a vote on Kitch -

thought it might be a way to get a definitive view point on the way the song I played - if it is to be played at all - and the first set of results are in - another 50 / 50 split again ... Thanks to everyone who voted - but it still has left me in decided.... So I didn't get everyones feedback verbally - but everyone who expressed an opinion were like marmite - either loved it - or hated it ... It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you ask the same group the same question - you will get the same answers !! DUH !!!!

reminder to self .. Put brain in gear before asking questions :)

I had a look at a staged piece - all around the comedy of a story with music combined ... I am not convinced about it ... But maybe with some more work and changes - and a couple of runs at it - it may look better ... Or may still be like a blind date with the ugly tree !!

I have also been playing with some core themes - but what is becoming apparent is that my entire act, in whatever form it takes going forward - will be around bears !!!! Or bare bears !!! Great !!

I can see it on my head stone .... "beloved father of Sooty Soo Rupert and Yogi .... He has gone to a bearter place!! "
On that cheerful note -

Panda's are the way forward ... And I think I will have to follow the popular themes of the year and call it bareguitarist part 2 - Panda Tales . .. Or Downton Panda ... Well ok .. I'll think of something ...

So off for a beer with some old colleagues ... Not Hoffmeister before anyone asks .. I am more

of a Heineken bareguitarist ...

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Enjoy your wood !!!

Hello you !! Yes you !!!

I have been thinking about what I needed to tell you - but been quite an uneventful few days in terms of music... preparation for the Fringe next year - and other such events... but I think its time we had a chat ... a serious chat ..

Well OK not so serious - but ...

I am working on the new pieces of music - these will be ready for the Brighton Fringe which is the target event for this year. I have some interesting Uke pieces - and a new Uke set all around the Rock and Roll era .. Little Richard eat your heart out !!!

Kitch still brings controversy - with a 50 / 50 split on doing it accompanied with some background music or unaccompanied on just the Uke .. I have pulled together some bit of music from Ben - a very talented "electronic" musician ... Thanks Ben ... and still playing with this when I get chance... so might put out a vote on FB to try to get some more feedback...

I am also working on the comedy - and I have structured some high level themes - so these need developing and putting together in a format which is workable. I am still keen on developing the stuff I started at Ed fringe 2011 - The theme worked well...Just need to tune up the execution.

I was on a walk through Wimbledon park yesterday - and I was told a woman likes to see a lot of "wood" .. so here it is ... go on .. fill your boots and get off on this load then, with my compliments !!!!

I must get on with some work... so enjoy your wood - whomever you are ... keep it nice and presentable .. as who knows when you will need it to become a Bareguitarist !!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Sunday - time to relax and contemplate the evils of drink

Its MONDAY !!!! YIPEEEEE !!! oh right - its Monday : ( .... so the weekend was nice - busy - interesting - drunken - yes another standard weekend.

Complements (I hate this word as I always get compliments and this mixed up !!! ) of the Deeds went to watch Quins V Northampton - saw the highlights of one of the first games in the world cup - had a load of Guinness - a perfect Friday ..

Saturday watched some more rugby - well I think it was rugby anyway - still waiting to see some real rugby - got some stuff together had some very pleasant guests Saturday night - a racklet - a few wines (just a few) - did a couple of pieces of music for them - which lead nicely into Sunday - time to relax and contemplate the evils of drink !!!

Saturday night was great as I think I have someone who can reproduce the back track for Kitch - however playing Kitch did not pass without the same controversy - its about 50 / 50 now divided between the people who like Kitch just played on the Uke - and those who think it would be better with the backing track. So lets see how this goes... I may also get zombie back tracked !! ..

One thing I am going to do soon  - is I am going to get some mic work done - clearly I have spent so much of my life away from a mic that I need to get some practice ... that's going to have to be in a studio or rehearsal hall somewhere - or I will annoy the hell out of the neighbours !!

This morning was down to the stalking gym (see previous blogs).. I approached with caution - but not to worry - the blonde femme fatale was not there ... anyway its time to do something productive ... Any suggestions ? .... yeah right doing that to myself is impossible !

The bareguitarist ,,,,,  

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Barnsley prop .. dirty girls .. women .. gay blokes

Its Friday... I have recovered from some outrageous spelling in my last Blog... I have been told off AGAIN as I want to change Dr. Kitch  ... and now I am trying to see what else the weekend brings...

I like to have a night or two off drinking any alcohol ... yes I know you are all thinking that this is a good thing - a noble thing - something the doctor recommends to everyone - and I am starting to take responsibility for my health, fitness .... WRONG ... its because with a night off alcohol I can call everyone else alcoholics !!!! guilt driven moral high grounds - nothing better, and more annoying.. like an ex-smoker around people lighting a cig ... :)

I was happy that there was no stalking this morning at the gym ... no-one staring at me in a rather worrying manner ... but as a strange coincidence the same blonde from the gym yesterday was close to where I was going yesterday evening ... I spotted her and pointed her out ... "innocent" - yeah right - innocently with a knife in her hand, bandages on her wrists, and a big pan for boiling my imaginary bunny !!!!! I think she was definitely like the film character .. but more like fickle attraction  than fatal  :) :) ... It was commented that maybe she recognised me from the show or something ... ?? Well the show did get people in, but I doubt any females would recognise my FACE as the most famous thing from the show was the Barnsley prop !!!! dirty girls / women / gay blokes (oh yes .. should I have told you about this one from the show? .. maybe not..) !!!!

I think I will have a look at some of the guitar music this weekend - I am going to try and get some time to have a look at my version of post-man pat ... and see if it still makes the grade .... see if I can still remember it !! Also I would like to add a couple of new pieces of music to my line up ... and inter-mix them with some amusing quips  (funny comments for those who are on their 3rd glass of wine already ... alcoholic !! :) ).

The next few weeks are the rugby world cup .. yes yes yes yes yes !!!! come on Ingerland !! We invested the blinking game.. made up all the rules for it ... changed the rules once everyone else became good at it (so they could beat us) ... we MUST be in with a chance !!!

Onwards with the weekend - some rugby tonight - which means some Guiness tonight - whatever you do keep safe, hide all big pans, and lock your bunnies up !!!!!!

The bareguitarist ...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

blonde on the treadmill

Today is a good day for a work out at the gym, some heavy duty weights - and then a few moments in the sauna - before hoping onto a call. That was needed.

I was being watched - closely watched - by blonde on the treadmill all through the workout... she never took her eyes of me, I could feel her watching me intensely all through the workout. Had I been some 10 years younger, I would say that she fancied me, she was desperate for my toned body ... but actually as I am not 10 years younger, I have to conclude that she was clearly bored with the treadmill and waiting for me to collapse on the floor with a heart attack to provide her some respite from her workout !!!

Anyway, I didn't and she was still crunching away on her hamster wheel when I left - that will teach her !!

I have puled together some more music - some Uke pieces - and I am going to spend the next few days doing some new guitar pieces. My manager (Mr Deed) thinks I should use a sort of Billy colony style of music with comedy bits in between - so need to try that to see how that balances out.

I have also had a look at the Dr Kitch piece - and actually, trying to emulate the original voice is what makes the song sound strange on the Uke - so I am going to sing it normally, which sounds better, and actually sorts out the strange nuances of the tune.

I am also looking at some of the strange notes from my own pieces - they didn't and don't sound strange acoustically - but over a mic - sounded a little odd - the answer - more pa driven mic work I think !!

And on that note - without any pictures - or funny bits - starts the work for 2012 Fringe - and perhaps other events .....

go get em floyd !!!

the bareguitarist....