Saturday, 24 May 2014

Day 10 .. if I said you had a butiful doggie would you old it against me

One of the food areas
Holiday fluff !!!
And if I said I was an angle would you treat me like a deval tonigh!!!! .. you have to sound this phonetically with the tune ... but add this to another 30 equally well pronounced hits from a past era .. and that's what greeted us in the restaurants of our final stop for the holiday, the Rasa Ria in KK. Its a huge place and has 5 restaurants ... with the obvious down side that 3 of them had a roaming 3 piece band or two - who would gently serenade the tables with renditions from Elvis, a strange version of Hotel California, and well I will leave the rest to your imagination.. I did draw the line totally when they killed knights in white satin for me for the rest of my life...Harmony wise, they were always very good, but the lead solo was like a bad night on an ITV talent show... luckily though we were always helped by a loud Chinese group who made more noise than the entire 5 places put together... NICE !!!
The room
Holiday fluff in the room

Outside Coast
Inside Coast (before bill!!)
As a treat, we booked one evening at the romantic restaurant Coast .. all the write-ups are that it is good, but expensive ... and it was all that and more. a half bottle of red wine at £80 was a real eye opener for the evening... and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the bill.

Japanese (had to cook to pay for the bill)
While someone ate 

Another night we ate at the sudo-Japanese place .. fun, but the food was cooked in regimental style, and no consideration was given to the fact that  we had only just started a previous course... but it was a fun night and Sakai was flowing...

Oran-utan park next to hotel
Next to our resort is a small  sanctuary for orang-utans, so we went for a visit as it was a simple 5 min walk, and you can never get enough of the Monkees :) (apes I know .. and monkeys I also know .. I was trying to make a small quip ... wasted ... again.

The rest of the time was relaxing, sitting under shade near the sun (35 felt like 50 is cooking temperatures not sun-bathing) - and with a beer or two, and an odd fresh coconut and rum, and an occasional dip in the pool, ... that was about it for 5 days.

In the Bar - surprised ?
I wont bore you with the blow by blow of this. But its great to have a few days of no jungle, no insect buffets, a selection of  foods (not chicken on the bone curry), a pool, and no rushing to get on a boat, mini-bus, flight etc.
When bored - sh*g a coconut
Holiday fluff on the pull
Hanging around lobby - pick up area !

Next post will be our big day out in KK on day 12 and some pictures as a selection of the holiday ...

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