Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 2 - nice day for a river trip !!!!

It's an early wake up if you are being picked up at 9 for a river trip... Well it is if you want to fit in a big breakfast first and a few coffees ....
What do you get when you put a Swed a Swiss 2 Malaysian and 2 local women in a van with 2 British  tourists ?  Some very strange banter ....
These were work colleagues from a hydro electric project in the area .. dealing with the newly flooded forest power generated hydroelectric plant .. Which is coming in a later post .... So the banter was much more high brow than straight out mud slinging .. And made the nearly 2 hour trip to our destination a bit of fun... Well ok some of it out-right mud slinging also ... But that will teach one of them to be from a  tax haven for war criminals !!!!
No one was really saying ... But you could tell that this was a team who neets up more than just socially ... But who meets who was a little difficult to tell ...
We arrived at the river trip ... Oh yes did I mention it was a  kayak river trip ... 2 to a kayak ... And about 12 boats ..with the thought of how many breakups happen in a 2 person kayak.. we set off. 
The highlights you ask? Ok then here is the list...
Birds 3 
Animals 0
Trees 23456679998765
Capsized 5
Lost cameras 1
Lost flipflops 1 single not pair
rain 2 mins after setting off stopped 1 min before we finished.
About 20k downstream - and 4 hours with lunch stop
1 tour of a pepper garden ... 3 pepper plants...
1 mango tree
And about 25 dogs..
We returned all intact nothing lost - no unplanned swimming - but wet none the less ..
The evening is the cheapest meal in the world. We walked around fir some time and dexieded to try to find something local (ish), and that Dutch took us into the edge of China town. The thing about the Chinese here is that locally they feel they are being overrun by new money coming out of China .. And there is a little bit if sour grapes about that...
Eventually we settle on a small  cafe bar place and order some satay and a mixed noddles dish with tiger beers - the cost for the evening was £4.50 ish for 2 ... Which is the cheapest nosh I have ever had  ... However you interpret the word .... 

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