Friday, 29 July 2011

Doomsday - Time is running out !!!!

What a wonderful couple of days ? Yes of course I am asking because I am not sure - I did get loads of things done - but it did feel more like I went around in circles for most of the time...

I sorted out that one of the songs from my show is being played as the exit song for Afterdark productions...

Sorted out some of the mixes for the songs for the CD - and some of the mixes had come out not so well..

Sorted out the timing as for some unknown reason the show was back overrunning again ??? Don't ask me - I don't know why?

Approved the printing and some other marketing - published and adjusted a number of web based promotional stuff with the new show image.. cant help thinking I have missed a couple (note to self - make a list of where you put internet marketing in the future..)

I keep running through one of the songs for the show - and its good, I need some props for it - and that's what I am struggling with at the moment.

I have a theory - especially in my life - that things all head towards certain dates ... you know the date when all important things that are going to happen, start to book that date as a date for either a decision, the delivery of an item, the date when something is due .. well you know what I mean.. I don't get many of these in one year - but when they come - they are enormous ... and this time its all heading to the start of the Ed Show ... and that's always a worry as normally these things either all go one way or another .. lets hope is all good news then ..

I have the images for my show here - I hope you like it - its going to be one of those things that will stay with me for a long time - actually the whole show will.

What a wonderful year to be a bareguitarist

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