Sunday, 24 July 2011

The famous Barnsley prop - Knights in White Satin - and Hungry Women

I am sat on a train on the way home from a provisional discussion and design review on the famous or infamous "barnsley prop for the show" and I am so impressed it - big thanks to Gill x who is using her valuable time to sort this out for me ...

We managed to have a bit of a giggle about it tonight - as only myself and Gill know what it is, (my partner doesn't know, as she wont see it until the show either) we sat and had some wine with Gill - her hubby Paul - myself and my partner ... And listened to some recorded stuff Paul used to do in a band he played in in the 80's... A good night ... Good music... good HAIR !!!

I also have the final version for my friends doing the how to survive a zombie apocalypse .... Which I am going to send off to them probably tomorrow ... Actually just sent it now as I arrived home ...

I have bucket loads to sort out for the show still - but getting some nice build up material rehearsal done now - and I hope to be better placed over the coming week also...

I heard tonight of the sad demise of Amy W - it's not as though I really was a great fan or anything it's just as I remember when I was 27 and it seemed like I had done it all - been everywhere - done everything ... I just hadn't, and I guess the sad thing is she never will. But let's not get this wrong - I would think the same of any 27 year old.....

Anyway let's not be dull - so I am now doing 3 shows on the 9th and 2 in the 10th ... That's going to be a right giggle ... I am not even sure I will be able to stay sober for long enough after my own show never mind if my underused voice will hold out for that many shows !!! People have said I sound better drunk ... Never did ask if it was them drunk or me ? Always presumed they meant me drunk really :)

I do remember being asked to play Knights in White Satin for the first time ... In a bar in glossop .... A fit middle aged woman slinked over in a very see through White shirt on a hot summers night - leant into me and said - play it for me ... Well I did ... And she sat opposite me for the entire rendition - looking at me in a way that made me very nervous !! I was in my 20's and she was staring at me like a hungry dog waiting for a fresh bone !! I played it - she whispered in my ear - gave me a gentle peck on the lips - and returned to her husband / partner / date ... Its what she whispered in my ear that makes this memory flood back tonight ... She said "if I knew at your age what I know now - I would have had much more fun" .... So here's to fun - enjoyment - pleasure ... doing as much as possible with my time at the fringe - And being a bareguitarist !!!!

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  1. I just discovered your blog. Very well done.
    Glad you enjoyed the barby and that well dodgy 80's music.