Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sheffield / burgers / and closets ...

Finally I am up North - blinking heck that's a long drive now from the other side of London !!!!

It's always a little strange when I get back to Sheffield - been quite a few years since I lived up here but I remember the place - where to go - the directions - roads and everything - I always wonder if one day I will forget areas of Sheffield -

how to get around - which bars are good fun .. ( actually this is the key thing that has changed a lot since I lived up here..) ... And of course I have never forgiven the fact that my favourite take a way was closed some years ago.. Chubbies !!! Burger place that did the most wonderful cheese burgers ... Cheese was a hand made mix and was put heavily on top if a big burger !!! Yummmmmm .

Chubbies made me the man I am today ... 24 stones of man !!!!

Sheffield still has a number of my friends and cousins here - so it's always nice to pop up - but it's not the city it was in the day ... I guess we could all say that ... That our memory of a place is always slightly more rose coloured than the reality .. Well at least when we look back on the fun bits... And that's part of the show I am planning - it's all a memory ... I won't go into individual cities ... But more into the things that surrounded us during our past ... For some that will be a good warm feeling - but I suspect it won't be like that for everyone !!! Ghosts and closets come to mind !!!

So it's onwards to my ghosts I guess - and let's hope I don't come out of the closet ... In fact let's hope I am not in it !!!

The bareguitarist...

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